May 6, 2011
By guardian_angel BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
guardian_angel BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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Am I here to you?
Can you see me?
If so, do you want to?
I’m pushed away to corners,
And I’m shut out like closed shutters.
It’s my fault?
I’m too quiet for you?
Well I have to be shy when you don’t let me speak!!!!!!
You confess to me over and over again, every single day,
Yet the minute I try to tell you my secret you shut me out!
Can’t you see that I am emotionally bursting with this???
I need to tell someone but I can’t
Not only do I not have the courage,
But when I do get the courage you STILL shut me out!
I try to make time for you when you need to talk,
But you don’t have a second for me if I need you!
If so then I’m sorry that it’s not ok with me!
And no I’m not attention hungry,
But I would LOVE to at least have ONE conversation with you.
Why is everything you say so much more important than what I have to say?!?!
Whenever I talk about my problems,
You change the subject or WALK AWAY!!
It makes me feel as if I’m not important enough for you.
I try to compromise myself and talk about what YOU like instead of what I like
Yet you still ignore me.
I don’t know WHAT you expect from me
But no
I am NOT perfect
But newsflash sweetie

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