Distant Blue Lights

May 6, 2011
We are one. We have, together, created and destroyed.
In your eyes, there is a respite you seek, for someone to touch your face softly, and become your wish.
In my eyes, however, there is a darkness that has become you, and you despise me for it.
We are one, two sides of a lying mask, you say, that hides an unnoticed desire. Together, however much the night whispers in your ear, we are twilight.
We have been the victims of the cruelty of men and cried at the pain in turn: Our tears are the same as our face, like twins.
You wish for her to live, yet think she will die, do you not?
You think you do not deserve her, yet wish to embrace her heart, yes?
Ah, of course you do, as you wish for everyone to live and love one another.
But with such twilight inside of us, are we truly deserving of the sweet kiss we both desire, and the distant, peaceful blue lights we envision?

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