Notebook Paper

May 6, 2011
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One simple piece of notebook paper
It's all I need to tell you how I feel
Every time I start writing, though
I change my mind and my waste bin's full of paper
Why can't I just say it to you?
Why can't I tell you how I feel?
I've gotten to the point where all I think about is you
Everywhere I go, I see you
I've stopped sleeping cause I know what lies behind
You haunt my every dream, but why?
What if I died tonight?
Would you regret never giving me slightest chance?
I know that if you died tonight
I'd regret never having the guts to tell you
But you, you barely acknowledge me
I hardly exist to you, just another face in the crowd
But when I see you smile everything seems right
I keep telling myself that's the Luke no one sees
Maybe I'm wrong, though, maybe they're right
Maybe I'll never know
Maybe I'll be forced to live with this damn regret
Or maybe, just maybe, you'll notice me someday
And we'll be together, like in my torturing dreams
Waking hurts so much anymore...

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