Father's Love

May 6, 2011
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I once heard a story of a father’s love;
He risked his life to save his son.
When asked if he thought he was a hero
He responded “he did what any father would do.”

Father’s sacrifice all the time
But do we appreciate all they do
Or do we stick up our noses
And give them lip, because WE know what’s best.

They work for our food, our clothing and more,
But we’re not even willing to give them a hug.
They provide us with shelter and all the essentials
Still we refuse to take their advice.

We don’t care about how much they give,
They could give it all
But would we even notice
They love us so much they think it’s worth it.

They’re willing to sacrifice,
They’re willing to give,
They are even willing to die,
We should at least show them love.

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