Feminism Anthem

May 5, 2011
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Even during these times of post women’s liberation
Can any of us truly say we’re proud to be part of this great nation?
Equal might be part of the equation
But the rest doesn’t add up.

From an early age we’re brainwashed
Into waiting for a man to bring us our happily ever after
We are programmed to smile and exhibit fake laughter
Anything else would be unladylike.
They tell is
“Lay down, don’t put up a fight
Don’t stand up for what you think is right”
“Don’t believe in anything”
It equates with being worth nothing.

In the eyes of an average man
“A woman should cook, care for, and clean”
Keep her mouth shut, don’t worry about what
Is going on with the planet or the economy
Just leave that to the men
Be better, be prettier, be beautiful
Be a perfect ten.
Always be one step ahead
But even if you’re better educated and better read
You won’t earn the same amount of money
They want us to sit down, shut our mouths, and be a honey
Just be beautiful at all costs.

Don’t worry about sacrifices or what you’ve lost
Because society tells us
“An average weight is ugly”
Starving yourself is what they want you to strive for
We’ve played with picture perfect porcelain dolls since before we were four
But when a man is unbreakable he’s praised
Everything starts with the society we’re raised.

Be fake but look real is our motto
The most beautiful girls are plastic
When your measurements are 39-19-33 like Barbie
that’s when you’ll look fantastic.
But it’s completely unattainable
If you’re like me, sick of playing this game at all
I’ll be beautiful inside out
If you get to know me and what I’m about
That’s what you should see in me
Don’t look for external beauty
Or conformity
To a warped society
I don’t need a man to set me free
From my tower cause I’ll
Fight off the dragon myself
And I know believing in these airbrushed images are bad for my health
But do all of you girls see
What’s beneath
And behind that magazine
She’s born with it, it’s not MaybellineÒ
If you’re looking through to her inner beauty
So love yourself, like I love me
Just the way I am
I’m more lion, don’t treat me like the fragile lamb
I don’t need Ken as my man
Or to live in his dream house
To make my dreams come true
And if the glass slipper fits, and it’s my shoe
I don’t need a man stuck to my side like glue
I’ll put it on my own foot
Cause I’ll tell you what
I’m an independent girl with my own game plan
It doesn’t involve clinging or relying on a man
And no matter what we’re told by society
Tell them: “I’m beautiful because I’m me.

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