Liar, Liar

May 5, 2011
By , Philadelphia, PA
You hear me scream but you don't move
I tell you my dreams but you disapprove
You see me cry but you stand still
What do you do this for the thrill?
You lead me into a dangerous path
Karma sucks because you'll feel my wrath
You think you'll get away with your lie?
I'll write the truth up in the sky
I built my life back up and you try to tear it down
You know you failed I can see your frown
Everyday I went home crying
My self confidence was dying
You laughed at my pain and smiled at my fear
Your time ran out because judgment day is here
Then you think you'll get off the hook if you cry
Oh dear lord you think your so sly
Your the true master of manipulation
Keep pushing my buttons your just building more frustration
At one point this frustration is going to blow
And when it does you'll have no place to go
There will be no place to run or to hide
Your going to be held responsible for every tear iv cried
No i would never hit you i just want you to understand
Why your that one person nobody can stand
And now your lip is starting to quiver
Oh please go ahead and cry me a river

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