The Stars/The City

May 30, 2011
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Stars hang overhead, twinkling
Their beautiful message across the sky.
Hoping that some day, they may be understood
By just one special person.

But, inside the city, the people
Run around, keeping themselves busy.
And the message is lost forever

Comets and asteroids twirl around in
Their cosmic dance, swinging in step
Through the blackness of the night,
Lighting up the atmosphere.
Each of them waits in anticipation for the day when
They are called upon to grant a wish.

But, inside the city, the people
Keep their heads down and shuffle along.
No-one has the time to look up anymore.
And so the wishes are wasted, and the comets weep.

Galaxies create neon lights in the air.
Massive spirals, strips and rings,
Holding more potential than the brain could comprehend.
Lying in wait for the chance to unleash their
Treasure trove of new life on the universe

But, inside the city, the people
Grumble about work, money and other trivialities.
They refuse to stare into the sky and see the possibilities.
So the galaxies remain closed,
As the people themselves.

At the edge of time itself, a black hole
Feasts hungrily on countless suns much like our own,
Gobbles down planets whilst only whetting its appetite.
On a path of destruction, never satisfied
Until all is gone.

But, in the city, the people
Feel that their biggest problem is their deadline
Or that new cutie behind the coffee stand.
And the universe itself sighs in disgust at their apathy,
Whilst the black hole licks its lips.

And, in the night, the Moon,
The constant and loyal companion,
Omnipresent, casts its gleaming eyes
Down to earth, looking for a single shred of recognition
For its years of service. Not hopefully,
As it has come to expect to be ignored,
But it will wait, as it always does.
And, slowly, almost without noticing,
It drifts dejectedly over the sun.

But, in the city, the people
Stop and cast their eyes upward,
And the sheer beauty of life itself
Catches their eyes. The universe cries with
Joy, as, at last, the people take notice of what surrounds them.
And then, as one, they smile.

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