Listen to your heart Part One

July 13, 2011
How can i listen to your heart when your feelings seem to fade,
you know that i am going to stay,
every night and day i pray to God,
that our fights disappear,
but i fear he aint listening,
the sum of hope i have,
seems to forshadow the end,
no more glistening,
just a broken heart to mend,
one lover keeping his head up to get her back,
the other is just one who wants to take it day by day,
guess im just out of luck,
out of time,
love struck,
i mean,
love struck out,
i never had no doubts,
now im stuck in these cross roads,
with no way out,
no route,
cause i guess im living in the past,
i hope your not moving on,
time bomb,
im ready to blow,
you built me up to belive you were the one,
you said when time gets dark,
that youd be my sun,
you said when clouds came,
love is our umbrella,
and when storms pass by,
your heart is my storm cellar,
im not gonna forget you ever,
cause you made me better.
You know its funny,
cause no relation is perfect,
i know deep down in my soul,
that you are worth it,
you kept saying you were scared that i would leave you,
that i would just pack my bags and deceive you,
its ironic cause you told me that you were always the victim,
and i was just anouther guy,
its ironic you said you had a good feeling about this one,
i guess its not ironic thats a lie,
how could you throw it all away that fast,
i still have this feeling that we can make this last,
and let me ask,
why the sudden change?
all you could tell me that,
is that i made several little mistakes,
now i feel like like leaving,
you know what?
your the air that i breath,
cause you had me breathless,
and now your gone,
its a death wish.
Katie just listen,
take some time to reminisce it,
the good overweighs the bad,
tell me that you dont miss it,
tell me that you still love me,
tell me your here forever,
just tell me something,
cause i cant just forget you,
tell me your here to stay,
and we'll grow old together,
tell me you'll be here in,
whatever kind of weather,
tell me the things you use to say,
like you'll be here forever and a day,
tell me that im your future,
we joke about the wedding,
beautiful tropical beach,
on a sunny day setting,
how many kids we have,
white picket fence,
tell me that you'll be here,
when times get tense,
tell me you love me,
and when we kiss time flies,
tell me that im the one,
tell me that im that guy,
ill tell you that i love you,
im waiting for your reply,
tell me anything...
just dont tell me goodbye.

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