July 13, 2011
There is a girl in this world that is special to me,
She is one that brings out the best in me,

I have known her for quite some time,
She is always on my mind,
She has always been a good friend to me
Every day I talk to her my heart stops a beat,
I smile because when I see your name pop up on my phone,
I am clumsy when I find that she is happy,
It makes me happy that we are somewhat a “we”
The days we will spend together will be the greatest,
Maybe finding the truth in her maybe being the one will be my greatest test,
This is not an obsessive to my mind,
But it’s always something that’s’ worth finding,
I cannot go another day thinking what it would be without finding what’s real and what’s fake,
I guess it’s the risk I have to take,
I am Chevy built American country,
I know that she and I both love Chevy
Ill risk all to keep this girl safe,
If anything I’ll take the bullet and the fall,
But I will never leave her side,
Because if I do I’ll let myself down and will tear out my insides,
This special girl I talk to each and every day,
Her name is Katie Nicole and that is the prettiest name.

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