Senior Speech Choice 3

July 13, 2011
I’ve been treated like s*** most of my growing life,
But if you look at me now i think i found my ways,
Day after day and night after night,
I will find my strengths and weaknesses as i write,
People have told me that you won’t and never will be,
Every night I went to bed thinking about those comments endlessly,
I took those people and comments and shove them away,
I promised myself that i will live another,
And longer day,
Then there’s this thing called second chances and new life,
That’s what this new school gave me and it’s what i like,
Every night there’s less stress then the last,
At least here i can actually pass,
I’m not falling or failing like i was in my past,
I’m passing and that’s a feeling that will always last,
Everybody’s different in their own unique way,
That’s why i figure out new things about myself every day,
I have teachers that are like a second family to me and friends here that I’ll never forget,
I don’t think in the back of my mind I’ll ever have a feeling of regret,
Because coming here was my best choice I’ve ever made,
I think about this each and every day,
I love how i can call this place my second day home,
A place where i can be accepted and not get beat down to my last bone,
This is where i truly belong and God knew that,
It is my final year here and I know I am going to miss it,
But as I said before,
Midwest and all my friends are like my second family,
So I know that they will always be there for me,
We stick together like “the mighty ducks”
Always there to lend a helping hand like a few bucks,
To end this great poem,
I want to thank everyone because everyone is my good omen.

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