Lily's Field

July 13, 2011
Lily stops in the middle
Of the field
Where she has stopped
A hundred times

She lays down in the grass
And stares up at the clouds
As they float gracefully
Through her sight

This is where she lives
This is Lily’s home
Where she feels safe
And loved

No one knows
Where Lily goes
Everyday after school
And they never will

This is her place
Her sanctuary
And she will not share it
No matter who asks

Nature is her mother
It has been
Since the day she was old enough
To realize it

And now,
Whenever her mother screams
Or her father lies
Or her heart aches

Lily comes to this field
And wraps herself
In the arms of the Earth
And cries

For hours she will lay here
For things to finally change

Will they finally change?
No one knows for sure
But until they do
You will always find comfort
In Lily’s field

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