Thank You

July 13, 2011
By Anonymous

For you, I write a poem.
I write because to me, there is no other form that can express your beauty:
your passion,
your power,
and what you mean to me.

I can see you,
at college,
bright eyes-open wider than ever,
taking it all in,
a freedom you had never known,
freedom you deserved, and
had most certainly earned.
The world was yours-
but only for moment.

The pattern,
the waves,
the power of life,
began to swallow you up again,
sacrifice after sacrifice.
selflessness was forced upon you-
you had no choice.

A challenge:
you took it,
defeated it,
one after another,
there were times I know you wanted to stop,
but you never did.

defines your life,
a sea of what ifs,
ebbing and flowing,
smashing, crashing against you with full strength,
impossibly to ignore.

You've told me,
told me stories of your past,
oh! the possibilities.
how different your life would have been.

I fear regret lurks in you,
like a ghost in haunted house,
I fear it stalks you, never allowing peace.
Would you do it over again?

Does any life go without regret?
Can a person truly accomplish everything,
always making the right choice?
Can a person possibly do that?

Thank you,
that is what I want to say-
need to say.

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