The Golden Mask

July 13, 2011
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At the masquerade in a wealthy town, tucked into the lovely gown, there is a princess from an olden world, where the peasants had no home, and if you were royalty you took a throne.
To travel to love, was she brave? Straight from a palace, and alas you can say she didn’t enjoy the most in her lavish day. The truth came out at the ball; an anonymous man caught her in awe.
Saia was in love with a man behind a veil. His skin was cold as ice and was very pale. With breath made of frost and his hair silky brown, on his face was a golden crown.
His eyes were noticed, which means his eyesight was keen. Forever with respect and compassion, is what was seen. They met halfway across the ball room’s floor. Was there more than one look? Sure, there were more.
His velvety tux had all golden lace. The lips were the pink tulips to his face. For Saia, he made sure she was the bride he would chase. With a long dark cape attached to the tux to trail behind. Death for love to him was kind.
The first touch was hand in hand. She was the color of sand. They danced to melodies, which floated in air. She gazed in his eyes and saw what was known. The picture of eternal life and her on a throne, but he was nowhere near. She didn’t like the thought, so in her eye there dropped a tear.
With the mask attached to his skin came a curse from deep within. He wanted the royalty so he killed every king again and again. Finally he ran across a farmer whose land was bare. To steal some food, the only reason he was there. Tragedy struck when the man turned into a warlock, the farmer lost the battle and gave up his turkey flock. There from the insides of the bird was the mask. Concoctions of poisons and brews were used to give the cruel task.
Once his eyes engaged into the facial cover; the flood of royalty was overwhelming. Slowly he placed it to his face and allowed the feelings of skin melding in begin. When it was too late and he wanted a break, to pull the mask away the pain of it he couldn’t take.
Back to where he fancied his love, they danced for what felt to be an eternity. Saia looked into his eyes and spoken the words “We’re meant to be, to my hear you hold the key. Now thou love I have found, lets ride upon your horse’s mane and into the night where two hearts join and there’s sunshine with no rain.”
There slowly she touched the golden mask, she envied it also. Her thoughts was to remove it, to this she did it slow. Never in a million years and through all of the knight’s tears has it been so easy to pull away. She kept it in her hands and when she placed it upon a fireplace to rest, her love breathless on the ground he lay.

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