On the Question of Race”

May 26, 2011
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“They ask me to write down my race, and I think and I think very seriously, about writing down the truth and having my answer read.”

“I have the memory of your sweet perfume, the way you tuck me in at night, telling me you love me, the smell of tasty food cooking in the kitchen, and you being the best mother in the world, in this body.”

“I have memories of running over to your house, asking for berries and a fried bologna sandwiches, and eating until im sick to my stomach, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs over a fire, picking flowers and bringing them to you, playing hopscotch and jump rope, and you being my mama, in this body.”

“I have thoughts and worries of the future. My dreams take me places ive never been. They show me a bigger world that is out there. I wonder about my brother, how he will be in the future. If I will have a nice car, house, and job when im older. I wonder about life, in this body”

“I have the smell of fireworks after they go off. The taste of sticky watermelon running down my face as we have a seed spitting contest. I can feel the green grass on my bare feet as I run down the hill. Then I can smell the gasoline of four wheelers driving by. I can hear people talking, and kids playing, I hear dogs barking, and birds chirping, in this body.”

“I have my dad. The guy in my life that no matter what, he will never break my heart. He is always there for me, and is always caring. He understands who I am, and how being a teenager is very tough. I love my dad and Im happy he’s in my life, in this body.”

“But I stop, and simply write down, me”

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