Breaking Free

May 4, 2011
By Anonymous

As a Teen,
I long for independence
I struggle for independence
I want my parents to know the true me
I want my friends to know the true me
To know the music I listen to
To know my thoughts on debates
To know my birthday
I want to be known
I want to go crazy
Release my inner self
Show everyone who I am
But I'm afraid
Why is it that popular kids can do this?
But when I let myself feel free I am rejected
Scoffed at
I want to fit in
I want my friends to know the real me
I want my parents to know the real me
The topics I discuss with close friends
The secrets I share
My likes and dislikes
I want to break free
I am going to
With my friends close by
I don't care what people think of me
I can break free
My parents will love me no matter who I am
My friends will always accept me
I will not lose them
I will not lose my family
I will not lose my courageous
Which I have just gained
I am Breaking Free
Free from my shy self
Free from teasing
I will blast my music from my room
I will be me
And I will accept me
Because I will be happy
To Break Free from my shy secretive self

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