May 4, 2011
You an't got none,
Sorry Hone,

Can you 'Rock tha house?'
I think not,
How bout 'Shake dhat Thing?'
'Drop it Down Low?'
Rock ya Hips?
'Dance in time to da Beat?'
Get! Skat Skank!
Don't waste Time,
You can't bring it,
Can't keep a Rhyme,
Then Begone,
No time for ya,

Shake it like that this,
Not like that,
Keep it to the beat,
Raise the roof,
and Shake ya booty,
Get'a move on,
Don't waste time,
You an't got none.

Shake what a Man what,
Call'em over,
'Body Lauguage'
'Hips don't Lie',
Got the Hang?
Shake ya thing like I see ya move,
Spin around an' feel the groove,

Baby, Ya not feeling it,
Keep it moveing,
Don't stop,
Follow the Rythem,
Feel the beat,
Work it,
Don't fight it,
Its ya friend,
I'm trying to teach yeah,
Follow your Mentor,
and 'Shake what ya Moma gave Ya!'

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