i believed you

May 4, 2011
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Each and every little thing you told me, you wrote me,
I believed you
Every look you ever gave me, each time you kissed me,
I believed you
Every moment I thought was only ours, nd you told me we were only eachothers,
I believed you
I never did see the real you till just now.
I stayed around thro it all because I cared
And I always never left your side, or ever wanted to make you cry.
I never meant to fall for you
And I always wanted to be with you
But I never wanted to see the day I lost you.
Each and every little thing you made me cry over, every time you said “its over”,
Every time you left me to be alone, but told me your sorry,
I believed you
Every time I ran right back into your arms
And believed you when you told me I wasn’t in any harm
Every time I would miss you…and you would tell me you missed me to,
I believed you.
But now I know you.
I know everything you are and everything I knew I should of stayed away from, from the start

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