Big Plans

May 4, 2011
By Wolf-Pup31 PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
Wolf-Pup31 PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
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Big Plans
Raise your glass,
A toast to me,
I'm the definition of b****,
Watch out,
I'm back,
Here i come...

Raise my glass,
A toast to you,
We meet again,
Welcome back,
How are you?

Take a whiff of this open air,
You don't smell it?
Excitement up there,

You see this town,
Well it's ours,
Not yet!!
But soon...
The world can be left alone,
We don't won't it,
Just this city,
Right here,

We got a job to do,
Clean up round here,
Then dirty it up our-selves,
Leave our tracks everywhere,
People clean up after us,
Live like the queen's we are,

Like royalty,'
Wear crowns and tiaras,
Robes and cloaks,
Emeralds galore,
Jewels rain,
Pots of gold,

But for tonight,
Let's hang,
Time to catch up,
How you've been?
Raise your glass,
Raise emu glass,
A toast...
To us...

The author's comments:
You and Me....All the way...

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