You're my dream

May 4, 2011
By Anonymous

You’re my dream,you’re my everything
With you everything is perfect
Perfect day, perfect sunlight and perfect life
I don't know what I would do with out
It's amazing how my life is perfect with you

I don't know how to start
But here it is, when you hold me I feel like I am in heaven
When you kiss me I see fireworks
When I am next to you I never want to leave you
But when I do leave I feel so upset and I just start crying and I just want to run back to you

As it sounds corny you are like a Christmas morning
I never thought about anyone as much as you
You are always in my mind I can’t stop smiling and I can't wait for the weekend

You are my first love,you're my first everything
I know what you’re thinking
But To me that's how I feel with you Harrison
It's amazing feeling ever and I am in love with that feeling

Every weekend I am so excited to see you
I count the days until I see you
And when I do I get butterflies in my stomach
And I feel like a little girl who just got her first crush
I know it's sounds corny

You changed my life
You made me a Better person
You made me a happier person
You made me realize that everything in the world has a purpose

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