May 4, 2011
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You skim past my line of vision, once, twice,
Three times a week and we never say much
Just raise our hands and move them back and
Forth in silent salute. Maybe even a curl will
Cross our lips. Then we just go about our
Normal routines and don’t say bye because
We know neither of us really cares to say
The word. It could be the differences in our
Ages or it could be because we don’t have the
Time. I don’t pay any mind to our meetings
Or should I say greetings. I know you don’t
Either. We always say little and I’m fine with
It. We are neighbors although we do not
Hang out as such would. With the demands of
Life throwing baseballs at our heads, It’s all we
Can to do dodge them. Barely a hello crosses our
Fence. We have not forgotten the fun game of
Hide and seek we played at 4 until midnight.
Black we wore. Your eldest son there too,
Along with brother and sister of mine. Not
Once was I found first thus emerging the victor.
Then we quit, it too late into the night. That
Time we said goodbye. With distance since we
Take no time to reminisce about the past and
Childhood frolics. Me about to take my leap
Into a sea of mystery, you already there. Not
To look back but to be bewitched by the breaks
and paths put in front of both of us. Wishes on
a star can only take us so far. My wish next time
we meet will be to greet and then say goodbye

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