Dissapeared in the crowd

June 22, 2011
By Anonymous

acting made me loose
I lost someone important 
shes still there somewhere 
but I can't find her
she was 
the teachers pet
the nerd
the popular girl
the mean one
the annoying one
the goody two shoes
but not her
she plans to be 
the dancer
the writer
the teachers pet
the president 
the friends
the actress
the singer
but not herself 
somewhere she's there 
but for now she's gone
and search lights have gone on
looking for her
just maybe
someone will find her
the REAL her
the wall breaker
the one who cares enough to break it
but she's gone for now...

The author's comments:
Everyone looses themselves sooner or later only the strong ones that go unaltered by people can skip them. But not everyone is strong...

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