Hurt and Dead inside

June 22, 2011
I'm tired of being asked a million times
why you so hurt
I'm always hurt. my heart is still broke from
where you planted the knife and twisted
and twisted til you heard me fall to the ground
the pool of blood growing my life
finally ending
knowing you cant hurt me
to bad you still do
when i think of what we had
the way you held Me
wanted Me
and now you say I'm nothing
ya my new love is true
but my wound in the heart can never be healed
by anyone else but you
i bet you lie awake in bed screaming my name
i know i use to
now i just scream in pain when i think of that day
the day you wanted no wait needed out
you say u never meant to hurt me so bad
and that you fill the
same way i do
bull there's no way only one truly hurt would think of that day
the way the warm tears stung my face like a bee
i cried for days scratch that weeks
ya you were young and i was older
but i never could find another
who would love me the way we use too
the kiss is hard to miss
your hugs are like drugs
when the warmth of your body lays on mine
the way you struck my heart
and now I'm dead inside

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