June 22, 2011
By cheygirl1998 BRONZE, North Adams, Massachusetts
cheygirl1998 BRONZE, North Adams, Massachusetts
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Innocence, the man I once loved
The man I still love
The man I trusted
The man I trust
Why did you do it wrote in every letter
You ruined there lifes
No more mommy
Weres my mommy they asked
Weres my daddy?
They asked
In heven we had to say
What about daddy ? She asked
In jail we told her
Oh yah I remember
Mommy dawn she called aunt who she loved
Who took her in and her sister
Then gave them up
Foster homes here we come
Better buckle your seat belt
From 1 to another like a frog jumping Lilly pads
Now as I write the poem with the women who dosnt even love her own children
The mother of there mother
The women who they have now grown to love
The women who keeps them away locked up in a house
6 and 4 wow long time no see I saw them when they were
4 and 2 big change
Courtney Marie Shade
Carly Elizabeth Shade
Chey chey loves you
Sarah loves you
And most important
Daddy loves you
Don’t Forget it either <3

The author's comments:
this is about my uncle. he inspired me to write this as well. I hope it will inspire others to write about topics they would just come right out and write about.

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