Family Reunion

June 22, 2011
I've never been a big fan of
family reunions
But I always knew
this one would be different
My journey would be quick, simplistic.
The picture of my grandfather
will come alive
We will meet for the first time.
My great aunt will finally reveal
where the singer in me came from
And we will sing operettas
until the moon beckons us to our beds
The Hernandez and George in me will become interchangeable
We will sit together and recount tales of love floating through the trees and seas of Tortola British Island
Crickets and the wind will form harmony while creating a symphony with flowing streams
Someone will ask about the rest,
Those I've left behind
and how I made it there
I will simply reply "inebriated people have power they no not"
These people have the power to fuse
and scribble lanes together
They teach their cars to dance and sway to music only they can hear
But being angry will do nothing for me
I'd rather take this as an opportunity
To meet the fallen family I've never met before
And patiently wait until the rest come home.

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