June 22, 2011
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Funny, laughing and talking doesn’t mean I’m alive.
Too easy, you’re all so simple
Too similar with hunger for love glimmering behind your eyes
Well mines all gone.
Walking among them perfect and beautiful commanding attention, always a source of jealousy.
Getting fake emotions back and they’re all over you
Cute little puppies which jump and crush each other just to get a pat of affection
All smiles and bubbles
Pop ! Shimmering illusions, and once they all vanish
And you’re left with me.
Rotting and swollen, I play for fun
Just to see how many I can fool.
Now don’t feel betrayed and hurt, because I can’t feel at all.
I never cared, and you never knew.
Laughable, that you ever thought I looked out from these sunken pits
And somehow felt emotion in my stringy, disintegrating heart.
Hilarious really, if I had a way to know.
But apparently my mask is thick enough to cover my dead insides
I fooled you, didn’t I.

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