An Emotion Stronger Than God

June 22, 2011
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This will be our spot.
This pushing and pulling
We’ve grown so fond of.
Let’s live in each other’s irises
And swim in wet symbolism.
We believe in human emotion
And context clues.
We believe in ideas and impulses.
We believe in us.

This will be our spot.
This sensation of “what comes next?”
And “how long until we snap?”
Time and time again we tried.
Tell me that’s not all it was.
Tell me the dipping of our feet in
Uncharted waters wasn’t just for kicks.
Tell me it was for real.
It was for real.

This will be our spot.
This dishonest mess of a location.
This ambiguous grassy knoll.
I want fear to grab me by the hand and cry in my tiny arms.
At least that’s better than your
Lacking expression.
It’s better than your
Questionable approach to comfort.
I want to love under the sun’s rays
Instead of under the steal covers.
Cry with me.

This will be our spot.
Because I cannot learn how to fail
And you will never know
How it feels.
We have the strongest emotion in the world
Captured in a small glass jar
And we left it just sitting
On a vacant shelf.
Set it free.

This will be our spot.
Because I love you and you don’t know.
Because I’m attracted to your
I’m attracted to your self-centered stature.
Because I can’t remember a time
When we were the same height.
All I remember is the taste
Of sunlight hitting our faces.
The taste of innocence.

This will be our spot.
A spot that no one else knows
Or can even begin to understand.
You know in your heart and your selfish skin
That no one can ever steal your sunlight.
I know in my heart that what I feel is true.
That when you smile, your face drips clarity.
I know that when you look at me
You must be thinking something.

This will be our spot.
Our atmosphere.
Our destiny.
Let it breathe.

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