The Little Things

June 27, 2011
By Reader101 PLATINUM, Amarillo, Texas
Reader101 PLATINUM, Amarillo, Texas
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Why do the little things
seem so important?
People whine and complain
and aren't happy with what they have.
But they are too worried about themselves.
What about the people who have no homes?
And the hungry?
The children who haven't ever gotten a
Christmas present?
Or had their own bed to sleep in?
The less-fortunate are all around,
but people are too worried about the next
game system, or 250 dollar shoes.
What about the people who don't even have shoes?
Compared to the big things,
the little things are nothing.
A speck of white in a painting of black.
So the next time you worry about a manicure,
or VIP seats at the Super Bowl,
think of the bigger things going on
all around and maybe you'll start to care.

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