June 27, 2011
By AllyB BRONZE, Cape Girardeau, Missouri
AllyB BRONZE, Cape Girardeau, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"Close your eyes and count by two's, when you get to five is when I'll stop loving you,"

I classify as a dark word
No matter how much goes to good things
More goes to screwing up lives
And making families scream

Money seems directly proportional to time
The less you have, the less you have
I watch the stereotypes fade away
Leaving my mother kicking cabinets and my brother walking to work

As a teenager, not yet well versed in money but enough to know
I made silent oaths to not repeat this tragedy
To always manage money and never lean wholly on family pockets
I swear to go through college and learn to be stable
Fearing another episode where I won't be the silent bystander

This paper creation in place of a trading system takes more than it gives
It takes my families conversations and replaces them with arguments
It pays all the bills, sometimes
I look at this creation in idle contempt
Knowing I'll dance the dance with it too

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