Broken Glass

June 28, 2011
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Can you tell the man looking in the window, that the girl he sees isn’t me?
I no longer express emotion; I ripped my heart off my sleeve.
That girl in there she’s crying, over nothing, you see.
Some boy broke her heart, therefore she can’t be me.

I don’t waste my time with that, hurt to many times before.
I told myself, “Never again”; crossed my heart, then swore.
Love is for fools, and I fool I will not be.
So therefore that crying girl, she could never be me.

I mean look at her! In tears, and for what I ask?
No man is worth the tears of a girl, nobody is worth that.
But we continue to give them everything of ours; blinded by the lies they feed.
Those mistakes are in my past; therefore that girl can’t be me.

I told myself I won’t cry for him, and to this day I don’t.
No tears will ever caress my cheeks; I’ll do what it takes so they won’t.
Look at this girl. I tell this man, there’s nothing that tears can do.
But with a confused face he asked, why can’t you see that, she’s you?

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