Donating Blood

June 27, 2011
By Shadowstar BRONZE, Apache Junction, Arizona
Shadowstar BRONZE, Apache Junction, Arizona
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As I wait, the nerves hit me.
I suddenly remember I have never done this before.
I don’t know how much it will hurt.
I don’t know how much it will hurt.
My breath quickens and I start to shake.
When my name is called, I follow the nurse to where she will interview me.
They have to make sure my blood is clean.
They have to make sure my iron count is high enough.
The nurse pricks my finger and takes a few drops of my blood.
She inserts the slide into a machine and waits a moment for the results.
When the results come, the nurse and I find out my blood is clean and my iron count is fine.
She leads me to the chair where i will be while I donate.
It’s a blue chair and feels comfortable.
I lean back in it and take a deep breath.
I watch the nurse while she sets up everything.
She puts the bag that will soon hold my blood on a machine.
The machine rocks back and forth to keep the blood from clotting.
Before she puts the needle in my arm, she tells me to relax and look away.
I glance away for a second and look back as the nurse finishes putting the needle in my arm.
It doesn’t hurt.
A small cotton square covers the needle so I can’t see it.
I squeeze and release the little plastic rod the nurse gave me over and over.
I was told it helps the blood flow faster.
I take interest in watching the number on the machine rise.
I don’t know what number it has to get to for me to be done.
I don’t know how long I sat there.
Even though I can see the clock, I ignore it.
While I am donating, time means nothing to me.
Eventually, the nurse comes back to me and tells me I’m done.
She does what she needs to with the bag that now holds my blood.
Then she takes the needle out of my arm and tells me to hold my arm in the air for a minute.
After that is done, she wraps blue tape around my elbow to keep the white square on my arm.
I move to the chairs set up and sit down.
I snack on cookies, Capri Sun, and water until I can leave.
When I am done, I leave the room without looking back.
Even if I don’t look back, I’ll remember this day.
I’ll remember the first day I donated blood.

The author's comments:
Donating blood gives me the greatest feeling. Knowing that my blood will go to someone who needs it. I love that fact.

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lilredd7 said...
on Oct. 19 2013 at 7:23 pm
I thought your poem was okay but it lacked rythym that most poems should have although I loved the fact that it had a wonderous amount of anticipation and suspence for a while, try to make your poetry have rythym and when you'er telling a story make sure the happy ones don't lack excitement as this particular poem did and make your sad story tragic but interesting.

on Mar. 28 2013 at 8:30 pm
Fallen_ PLATINUM, Quakertown, Pennsylvania
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I like your rythem its real nice and flows together


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