Heroes fall

July 5, 2011
By Lexi.N.L.92 BRONZE, Gridley, Illinois
Lexi.N.L.92 BRONZE, Gridley, Illinois
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She walks through the rain
Letting her tears fall freely
She doesn't like to cry in front of people
It shows her weekness
And the pain that she feels
She wishes none of it was real
She looks at her arm
And sees the scars from before
She sobs out loud wishing
That she didn't have to do this anymore
None of this is real
It's all just a dream
She collapses on the ground
And let's out a SCREAM
She feels the stinging in her wrists going numb
She watches the blood trickle down her fingers
And hit the ground
She continues to cry without a sound
There's nowhere to go and nothing she can say
She wishes that she could just run away
Her new and fresh wounds burn like hell
As the cold rain drops fall she seriously
Thinks about ending it all
Boone knows the real pain that she feels
Because she hides it all behind masks that seem so real
She bottles it all inside until it gets so bad
That she can not hide
She is the strong one
The one that can hold the world on her shoulders
At least that's what she portrays on the outside
On the inside she's just a person
A person that can only hold so much before she breaks
She wants to be strong
And be able to hold it all
However even sometimes the
Strongest heroes fall

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