July 5, 2011
By medwards25 SILVER, Saltillo, Mississippi
medwards25 SILVER, Saltillo, Mississippi
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through life, youre going to change

youll gain
youll lose
youll strain
youll bruise
youll break
youll awake
some mornings, an empty shell
others, earthly hell
some, on cloud nine
others, truly devine

youll feel strong,
tied down, tied together,
youll feel shattered
broken down, broken apart
youll feel wrong
unworthy, unloved
youll feel right
unhindered, unshoved

some days, youll wake up smiling
singing glory to God for the blessings hes given
some days, youll wake up dying
asking God just to show you how to keep livin

but one thing you can depend on
one thing that will never fail
one thing that you can defend from
but youll never ever prevail


itll leave you deranged
wondering where it all went
wondering where it all will end
wondering if its for good
wondering if it ever would
but something you can rely on
something you can never deny on
is change
cuz no matter what you do
what you say
no matter what is true
or what your way
change is gonna come
and you can deny it
but youll find it
and itll fly you away
itll make you pay

you can accept it
fly with it
connect it
let it lift you in the storm
but control its form
let it change your direction
but control its connection

things will come
things will go
but change
will always
be there

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