the insanity of light and dark...

July 5, 2011
By taxidriver-logan PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
taxidriver-logan PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
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it surrounds us

every minute of everyday
pulling us in every direction

changing our minds

our hearts

and mostly our souls
through everything we go through

one thing remains the same

we are still breathing

we may stop breathing emotionally many times

but our bodies don't stop

its there for us when others aren't
keeping us from killing ourselves

destroying everything we own

demolishing all that we are
we become good



truly happy
living in the light
for's all they ever know

or most of what they know
for the minority

we suffer

suffocating in our own tears

becoming lost



dying from the dark
hoping to be brought out of our misery

our bodies keep us going

but its the light in the world

the light in one

that save us

reminding us we aren't alone

there is hope

we matter

we are needed...
we move into light and dark

taking turns

switching off

jumping into the vast unknown

trying to stay alive

trying to save a life
because after all thats what life is...
the suffering



of light and dark...

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