July 4, 2011
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Eyes, so hazel, so a mystery not even Sherlock Holmes could solve. Her straight soft red hair like velvet cake. Her lusicous lips. Her smile is like a sunset on the beach when the sun is orangish pink. Her beauty is so AMAZING that angles and supermodles envy. Her voice gives life to the sad. Shes my night sky and stars i look at when im sad. The sun that shines on me when im sad. I missed my chance before but i promise i will get her. I dont wear fancy clothes have a nice car..but i have a heart and will and arms to hold you when your sad...I've never been one to be happy always pleaseing everyone else...but with her im constantly happy. When im away from her even just a couple minutes its like taking a long breath and holding it till i see her again. I see her and i want to kiss her. Her beauty captures me but her personality gets my heart. I want her so bad. I can stay up all night talking on the phone. When i hug her oh god its so warm and comforting i forget everything. When im so close to her face and my heart races, my mind exelerated, and my chest heavy. When i look into her eyes...i see fireworks.

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