Our Nation

July 4, 2011
What ignorant fools are we, schooled by an illegitimate democracy, uplifted by violence and misogyny, guilty of a faithful monogamy type relationship with the God of these sinful relations. I’m impatient with the need to breathe life to the blackened lungs of the ignorant ones zombies in their own bodies, practicing bitter violence while their souls remain stained from the silence while madness takes its dominance

These young ones I see are in dire need of the knowledge seed, fooled by the fallacy of reality tv, driven by an intoxicating greed. This garbage is bothering me, clustering my need to be the mental seed to create a breed of humanity separate from this insanity.

This madness, this consequence hasn’t happened sine the last apocalypse I’m seeing failure of common sense as poison fumes crowd the classrooms of elementary schools these fools choose to remain ignorant to a nation far from innocent so now we’re all belligerent off the alcoholically induced un-truth spoon fed to the youth while the rest play sleuth to find the REAL truth.

We are a nation divided, fooled by the lies supplied to us by the mental spies known as the United States government, fighting the torment of terror overseas yet they don’t see there’s a terrorist in you and in me, hatred suppresses our God-given dignity, inhibition seems in prohibition as we became the latest edition of America’s sick twisted religion.

In this moment of clarity my sensibility has granted me, I realize a solution to this insanity may not be such a fantasy. Finally, I’m faced with a choice to either silence my voice and rejoice this widespread corruption or start a production to suction the hate open our eyes, expose the lies, and unclench the fists belonging to the twisted to form the body of a nation not blind or divided, but blessedly uplifted.

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