Can't Do It

July 4, 2011
By lunalastrange BRONZE, Nashville, Tennessee
lunalastrange BRONZE, Nashville, Tennessee
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It's official. You just claimed her as your friend and it's not working. She can't do it. She can't just be your friend. This girl has grown to attached to you and now it's killing her to be "just friends". It's impossible for her to just let go of all the things that brought you and her together. She's trying to be your friend but it's tearing her apart slowly. She always says, "tell him what's on my mind. Tell him how I feel. It's speak now or never." So why can't she speak? Why can't she tell you? It's because she's afraid of knowing the answer or the truth. She wants to know if you want her just as badly as she wants you....all she can say is, "I'm sorry for falling for you." but truth be told...she still can't do it. She can't be friends......

The author's comments:
I had written this because me and this guy have been through a lot and this happened recently.

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