July 4, 2011
By 1eastSheaLynch SILVER, Glens Falls, New York
1eastSheaLynch SILVER, Glens Falls, New York
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A combination of two forces.
How no one wants to talk about it.
But everyone does it.
Sometimes when you least expect,
I force so strong will come.
And if you haven’t skipped breakfast,
A tag along will come.
Like a nugget traveling through a tight pipe.
The pop is somewhat of a surprise.
For you are at work.
And not only have you farted,
But you have pooped.
A small appetizer of feces.
A foreshadowing of events.
Not only must you clench to avoid the stench,
You much pray.
That the rosebud in your drawers,
Doesn’t come out today.

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