Under a Turquoise Sky

July 4, 2011
By LynellePoet SILVER, Newington, Connecticut
LynellePoet SILVER, Newington, Connecticut
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Under a Turquoise Sky
With hazel eyes
She surfs, the girl
Who gave me my life
She looks at the sunset
As it dies
She rides
She tries
She dives
She abandons her board
And enters into the sea white foam
As horizon behind her
Slowly turns dark
She embarks
She waits on a pure white board
Because she's bored
for a wave to make her
Rush toward the shore
Freedom in a person's soul
comes out to be shone
And the spray of salt
Into the atmosphere
Wet salt
Extreme sport
The tangerine sunset in distance
Closer, abandoning feeling
Riding into oblivion
Closer to me while i wait in the sand
And photography emerges in my hand
A camera,
i catch her
As swift as what she is
A surfer
In a small piece of paper that can last forever
her, the girl
With hazel eyes
Under tangerine skies,
that were once turquoise

She swims
She brings back my board
I warn her
With my arms and shoulders
She smiles, hypnotizing me
"I win" She speaks of how we competed

She had the most waves
The most core
Good job for a girl
She calls me sexist
We laugh
And we lay
In the tangerine bay
Where the watermelon grows
In a childhood poem
"You had a great day"
Compliments concerning the way that we rode
On a watery dragon
A woman
The ocean
A girl who is in love with the moon,
We speak softly

She kisses me slightly
I tell her she is my muse
My photography's girlfriend
And mine

I'm just some boy
She met in the summer
And it turned into laughter
How often i wonder
If she'll leave me behind

And the sand is soft enough to sleep in
We lay
Entwining arms
Kisses on the beach

We say, things meant to be said
If they had a taste
It would be sweet

Or maybe more like the way she tastes
Her salty skin
Her lips on mine

We swim
She jokes about
How we could both skinny dip
I tell her i would

I'm cold
I don't know how she stands it
The hazel eyed girl
She's secretly a fish

And i go
Back to the blanket
The towels, the umbrella
That we no longer need

It is night
Night where the dreams lay
and people see the stars above
Wondering why
ANd making wishes

Well, we pack up
it's time to go home
I walk to her house
She says goodnight

Tomorrow i'll borrow
A bit more of her time
And we'll surf in the water

The hazel eyed fish
The surfer
With kisses like sugar
And proof love exist

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