I've Got A Secret

July 4, 2011
She Pretends She Doesnt Care As She Stares At The Mirror, Seeing The Things That Make Her Life BitterSweet.
In Pictures She Takes, A Smile Is What You See, But In Reality She Just Wants To Be Seen..
Past All The Lies
And The Fake Laughters
Nobody Hears Her Screams
A Silent Dream She Does Not Remember, But She Knows Its All Fading,
Just Like The Good Inner Voice She Can No Longer Take Favor..
She Cries In Silence
She Tries To Take S*** Serious,
But Once The Knife Is Held In The Hands Of The Enemie..
Thats When She Wants To End It..
As She Whispers To God,
Shes Hoping He's The Answer To All Her Prayers.
Tear After Tear, Does He Not Know How Much She Cant Take This?
She Wakes Up to A Hangover,
Not Remembering What Happened the Other night..
Only Thing She Recalls Was The Touch Of His Hand Goin Down On Her,
Shes Barely Awake,
She Has No Control Over Her body
She Doesnt Know Whats Happening, at all. He's Feeling Her..Everywhere.
How Dare I Remind Myself Of This..
Just the thought of this makes me sickk.

"I Dont Want To Be This Girl that I Am." Her Thoughts Keep Racing,
Never Ending.
She Sleeps During The Day,
Cause At Night, Thats When She Remembers All The Memories Left Unforgotten By Someone Who She Loves Dearly, she cant even stand it...

Theres this girl, who hides her face and if yu ever see her, tell her 'she's gonna be alright.'
"'Overall, just Remember You found me when no one else was looking. "' And thats when yu realize, this whole time, you were gazing into her eyes..and what yuve just read was what was written within her eyes.

"Ive got a secret.. Wanna hear it?"

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