The New Me

July 4, 2011
The world is so big

Full of strange and marvelous things

I'll never know just where my place in it is

Or where I'm meant to go

I'm a fool

I don't need to be reminded

But I am so intentionally

Leave no stone unturned they say

I say never waste an open opportunity

Life is full of them, and any one in particular can change your life in a startling number of ways

All it takes is a moment and a thought

Maybe even a good song

The clean life is so different

Less fun perhaps, and more serious

But that transition is finally hitting me

School, work, relationships

So I may be a fool

And I may be making choices I may regret later

But I'll deal with the pain then just as I am now, and always have

Because one day I will find happiness

And on that day I can put all of this behind me

An army of skeletons finally laid to rest

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