A Picture's..Not...Worth a Thousand Words

July 3, 2011
They say a picture’s worth a thousand words
That it can see every emotion, every feeling
But the one thing a picture always misses
Is what the person’s really concealing

Behind the smile and the laugh
Are scars and regrets without end
But for the picture she puts on a mask
Thinking she always has to pretend

Behind the happiness and cheery spirit
Is a suffering lonely heart
Aching as life goes on
As her strength just drifts apart

People tell her not to look so miserable
So she puts on a disguise
But beneath the fake cover up
A part of her slowly dies

Because pretending to be fine
Eats her up inside
She doesn’t know what to do
Has no idea what to decide

So you can never really trust a picture
To know what’s going on with a person
As you look upon her smiling face
All her problems continue to worsen

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