You and I

July 3, 2011
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The telephone rings,
Your name shows up on caller I.D.
Butterflies in stomach, smile growing wider
I answer and hear your melodic voice
Flowing forth from the speakers and into my heart
You ask to hang out.
I get in the car, and drive to you
Each second, I become closer to where you are
I can’t wait. I can’t stop smiling.
You get in the car
Long legs stuffed into the front passenger seat
Tufts of long, brown hair stirred by the rolled down windows.
You smile at me, and my heart flutters.
We take off.
The wild gestures of your hand as you speak
The slightly higher pitched laugh you sing when you’re nervous
The conversations about video games
About school
About church
About summer
They all escalate into a stream of memories as I think back on them.
We get out of the car.
Your scuffed up combat boots on the sidewalk
They walk next to my high-tops
We match.
Stride for stride
Inch for inch
Smile for smile.
Your soft, blue sweater caressing my arm
It reminds me of home
It’s sweet and musky scent flows through the air
I’m at home here
With you
We have a blast.
We get in the car.
I have to take you home now
But I don’t want this to end
I take the back roads
I travel under the speed limit
Your small house looms before my car,
The night is over
You have to leave
We both stall, taking our time to say good-bye.
You say, “I’ll see you when I’ll see you”
Reaching for the door handle.
You get out.
I sit still, waiting for you
Waiting for the lights inside to come on
Waiting for a sign that you’re inside.
I drive away.
The whole way home I’m smiling
I park in my driveway.
I get out.
I curl in bed.
I get a text message.
It’s you.
My heart skips a beat.
I read the words,
“Want to do this again tomorrow?”
I sleep, dreaming of tomorrow
Hearing your combat boots scrape the sidewalk,
Seeing your hair fly around your head
Listening to your voice
Gazing into your smile.
Too bad it’s only in my dreams.

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