Summer Snowflakes

July 3, 2011
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The crowd is cheerfully chatting the blissful night away
Waiting patiently for the event
But then “Boom!”
The first one comes sprinkling in
The show is beginning

The crowd hushes down as the music gradually grows
A couple more come soaring in
Twinkling in the once colorless sky
They glitter for a few moments
Before they gracefully dance their way out of the picture
Falling into the mesmerized ocean beneath

Soon the sky is constantly shimmering like never before
With every color possibly imagined
Decorated by the shooting beauties
Making the moon seems like a mere speck of dust

For now it is the finale
Every burst is brighter and better than before
Every prance in more captivating
The time seems to be frozen
With summer snowflakes glittering above

Slowly the air flutters
The ocean sways showing its approval
The illumination has come to an end
The sky is left speechless
Only clouds of smoke remain
The crowd is roaring with applause
Clearly delighted with the show

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