i lie awake at night

July 3, 2011
By Anonymous

I lie awake at night
and converse with God
we discuss the blackness
I have become
He told me the
I've overcome many obstacles,
Climbed many mountains,
achieved many dreams;
but still is blackness
He told me that the devil has
Stolen my life
I told him that I was tried
Of the devil having my life
I will fight back this time.
But I’m I Strong enough
to fight that which makes me weak?
He said yes with my help
I will not continue to let the
Devil belittle me
and treat me like a fool,
Like am nothing
And control my life anymore
what I need now is for God to help me;
Love, Laugh, be Free,
Live every moment to the Fullest.
I’m giving in letting God
Take my life over again
I will not let the devil
CONTROL me again

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