A Song to Girls

July 3, 2011
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This is for the girl who thought she was never pretty enough. You’re gorgeous.

For the girl who stayed up real late to pick out her outfits, woke up real early to do her hair and was late to school to finish her makeup. You’re gorgeous.

For the girl in the back of the class who never says a word. You’re gorgeous.

For that girl I see every day in the hallway alone, you’re gorgeous.

For that girl with that guy who always makes her cry, you’re gorgeous, and he knows it. All young girls are beautiful but he lacks the courage to find joy in that fact.

For the girl who knows she is a goddess and instead of hearing, “Shawty’s got the cake”, would just like to hear, “you’re gorgeous!”

For that mother who wakes up early every morning, is at work until late, and comes home to cook and clean and love, you’re gorgeous.

For that girl who follows every dream,
The tall girl
Small girl
Smart girl and the stubborn…

And everyone in between, you’re gorgeous.

I hope it didn’t take this to help you realize.

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