I'm Sorry Mommy

July 4, 2011
I'm sorry mommy,

for what happened to you.

I'm sorry mommy,

for not knowing what to do.

What your daddy did to you,

was just plain unfair.

And im sorry mommy,

If you feel like no one cares.

I hope you know mommy,

I will always be there.

When you're lonely in dispair,

I will always care.

I can help you mommy,

if you will let me.

If you will stop pushing me away.

Does ignoring me really fix anything?

I understand that you're in pain,

So let me help take some pain away.

What happened to you i can never change,

But i can help keep the memories away.

So talk to me mommy,

I promise its okay.

Answer when i call,

With me you'll always be safe.

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