July 3, 2011
By , Middletown, OH
they say do this, so i do as told.
they say go here, so i go there as i am told.
i have no control,
i don't make my own decisions.
i feel like a marionette,
and my parents the puppet masters.
they pull my strings and whisk me away,
and i have no control.
no thought for myself.
i am, by the strings that bind my wrists and ankles,
forced to do nothing else than to obey and
fulfill every command from the most simple
to the very complex.
just sit and watch me dance.
for you may think i loOK OK,
but in my mind i am living in hell.
a hell without expression.
i try to wail and scream and shout but the sounds,
they seem to stop at my lips while the flames around
me dance in a mocking nature.

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