Now You Know...

July 2, 2011
Through the looking glass
She is not seeing it as half way
But she sees it empty,
Did it occur to her about the outcome?
Wrapping it up in a blanket is
her reality,
to keeping it protected is the concept
the fictional part is the propaganda of where the
drama begins
she can’t find the meaning of it to
the extent that its lost

she’s 18 now, when will it end?

Fakeness is not quarantine
it’s a disease, the cure for it is unknown to the naked eye
second chances are given
when they messed up regardless of the promises
that’s been made in the past,
apologizes they’ve made trying earn her trust again
are harder to regain once its lost
many people say they are real
but can’t do
so it ends up showing their true colors
when it blows up in their face.
When the time comes for when they need her
The knock at her door is invalid
her cost of friendships that’s been lost
is the reason that she won’t be at their side for the mistake they have done

They must not care
they must be lonely
they must be tired
they must be exhausted of all the fakeness their covered in
the notice that landed on her doorstep
that made her so surprise that she freeze like each drop of an icicle
it didn’t occur to her the intentions they had
that they turned on her like a pancake then stab her in the back
as if the life they took from her was now free from their misery

which in their mind was freedom but in reality it was hell.

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