My Little Miss

July 2, 2011
By LogeyBear BRONZE, Dryden, Other
LogeyBear BRONZE, Dryden, Other
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Little Miss Understood,
Was just trying to fit in
But the universe had shut her up,
Before her chance to shine.
She wasn’t born a popular,
And she couldn’t be a jock.

Little Miss Interpreted,
Was really just upset.
The words had already left her mouth,
But she wished she could swallow them back in.
Instead of an apology,
She went on the offence.
After she left from school that day,
The words began to fly,
Things these cocky little punks,
Would never dare say to her face.

Little Miss Fit,
Was alone against the world.
The demons still back at the school,
Had heard portions of the story.
Her stomach was ill, or so she said,
And the teacher let her leave.
But still they ways to get at her,
Hidden in the bathroom stalls.
Texters talking tough like fighters
Though they’d never follow through.

Little Miss Placed
Was feeling lower than dirt.
Those chicks at the school need to get lives.
Silence is deadly when you’re alone in the world.
A ringing is a saviour,
But she shutters just a bit.
Who’s to know who’s on the other side?
She answers it boldly,
And I say hello.

Little Miss Taken,
Knew that I was on her side
I watched her play soccer;
She’s no longer at home.
I made it clear where I stood,
And they didn’t dare speak,
It’s not the first time I’ve put someone in their place.

Little Miss Sunshine,
Can shine brightly today,
Though no real resolution,
The war was forgotten.
And though we’re all “friends” again,
I’m sure they all know,
My opinions on them are forever changed,
Just for talking about my friend.

The author's comments:
This piece was written about one of my best friends. The "popular" kids, decided it was their mission to make her life absolutely miserable. It was exceptionally difficult for me, because I was close with both parties.

I was forced to make a choice, and the reaction the others had was something that is forever present in the back of my mind.

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