Broken Hearted Girl

July 2, 2011
broken hearted girl, with ashes in her eyes.
won't stop pretending, hidden by a crafted disguise
hopes we share together, bring us there on the darkest of nights.
broken hearted girl, with shadows on her cheeks
the one who acts so confident but scared when she speaks.
deflective answers to the questions she is asked
wrapped up in her shell, she watches as the world floats past.
broken hearted girl, with daisies on her lips
she stumbled upon herself with a blade pressed to her wrists.
falling like a bird out of the sky just a circling satellite.
no reason to be where she been, like a fly on the wall,
to ear the unlaced strangers beckon as they call.
broken hearted girl, with worn scars on her sleeve
everything she ever heard was to dismay, make believe.
staggering alone to face the mirror, not herself she finds a clone.
finding herself getting up when it's already past to late,
it takes courage to love and nothing to hate.
broken hearted girl, fell weak to the knees
pushed aside like masked kites trapped in the highest of trees.
waiting for a rescue, sirens, and her hero to save.
nothing could change the path that the unspoken for had gave.
broken hearted girl, waited until she could barely stand
crushed roses with thorns and blood in her hand.
broken hearted girl, searched for a soft place but found none to land.
She fell through a whole in the earth a quarter to one
broken hearted girl accepted the battle could never... be won.

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